extremly weakened prisoners

"Stairs of death"

Staircase in the quarry of the Mauthausen concentration camp


a group of people considered inferior by the Nazis

„Righteous Among the Nations“

An honorary title of the state of Israel

„Wailing Wall’“

Wall near the camp gate of Mauthausen concentration camp


An officer who assists the commander

Armoured division

A large, mobile unit of tanks and armoured vehicles

Bachmayer, Georg

‘Schutzhaftlagerführer’ in the Mauthausen concentration camp


Wooden buildings in the concentration camps that were used for the prisoners


Second surname of Manuel García


Name of the prisoners’ accommodation in the concentration camp

Block 20

‘death block’ used for K prisoners

Camp clerk

Prisoner functionary for administrative tasks

Camp commander

SS commander of the concentration camp

Camp gate

Main gate of the camp

Camp III

A section of the Mauthausen concentration camp

Commandant staff

Leader of the camp SS


Crematoria are used to burn dead bodies

Crematoriums unit

prisoners who were ordered by the SS to burn the dead in the crematorium ovens

Dachauer Mauthausen Trials

US military tribunal in the former Dachau camp tried 61 defendants for war crimes at the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Death books

List of prisoners who died in the concentration camp

Death marches

Transport of weakened concentration camp prisoners for days or even weeks

Dollfuß, Engelbert

Austrian Chancellor and Dictator


Subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp

Execution ground

Place of execution

Gas chamber

A room in which prisoners were killed with poison gas in concentration camps and extermination camps


top NS leader in a Gau


Rural police in Austria until 2005


Short for 'Geheime Staatspolizei' or 'Secret State Police'


A Polish surname


Subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp


Subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp


A killing facility in a castle near Alkoven

Helmer, Oskar

Austrian Social Democratic politician


Hospital ward for privileged prisoners

Infirmary camp

Also known as a sick camp

Internment camp

Camp for civilians


Entrance building to the camp

K prisoners

Soviet officers sent to Mauthauen to be murdered


Prisoner functionary in the concentration camp

Labour detachment

Prisoners with specific work areas


Military hospital


only allowed under strict conditions

Liberation ceremony

Annual celebration around the anniversary of liberation

Linz III

Subcamp of Mauthausen concentration camp

Main camp

central camp

Maršálek, Hans

Prisoner functionary and later concentration camp memorial director


Subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp

Military tribunal

A court composed of military judges


Subcamp of Mauthausen concentration camp

Penal company

Punishment unit for prisoners

Political Department

SS department in the concentration camp

Prisoner doctor

Prisoner providing medical care in the concetrantion camp

Prisoner functionary

Prisoner with special tasks and advantages in the concentration camp

Prisoner number

Each prisoner was given a number upon arrival

Prisoner uniform

striped clothes

Prisoner's kitchen

Large kitchen in the concentration camp.

Prisoners' Committee

secret organisation of concentration camp prisoners

Reconnaissance squadron

A small military unit

Reichswerke Hermann Göring

A large industrial company established under National Socialism

Role call

Orderly lining up of the prisoners in the concentration camp


Ethnic group

Room of Names

A memorial space


Stands for ‘Sturmabteilung’ or ‘storm division’


Making deliberate mistakes in a work process.


SS head of the prisoners camp within the concentration camp


Separation of prisoners for murder


Installation in the concentration camp with different functions

Spatzenegger, Hans

SS head of detachment in the Wiener Graben quarry


Stands for 'Schutzstaffel' or 'protection squad'

SS Administrative Building

Building for senior SS men

SS area

The area of the concentration camp for the SS

SS sports field

Football field for the SS in the concentration camp

Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG

important German arms corporation


Further concentration camp sites

Tent camp

A section of the Mauthausen concentration camp

Triangle, black

Marking of 'asocial' prisoners

Triangle, red

used for 'Political Prisoners'

Tunnel building

Tunnels for underground arms factories

Underground organisation

secretive organization

Viscose fibres

Textile material with fibres made from wood


The military units of the SS after the beginning of the Second World War


Entirety of the armed forces of Nazi Germany

Wiesenthal, Simon

Jewish survivor of several concentration camps

Zellwolle Lenzing

A company for the production of rayon

Ziereis, Franz

Camp commandant of the Mauthausen concentration camp