About the project

When learning about National Socialism and concentration camps, teachers and learners come up against both historical and moral questions. It is a form of learning that takes longer as students are required to share expectations, acquire knowledge, discuss experiences and develop independent thinking.

A visit to a concentration camp memorial site can be an important part of this learning process – if it is carried out voluntarily and there is adequate preparation and follow-up.


The ‘Mauthausen Journeys’ teaching booklet supports you in preparing for and following up on a visit to the Mauthausen Memorial. It is aimed at students aged 14 and up.


‘Mauthausen Journeys’ presents the biographies of people who were imprisoned in Mauthausen concentration camp, committed the crimes in the camp or lived near it. Their stories are told in short, illustrated texts using plain language. The biographies outline the historical context of the Nazi era, the different groups of victims and how the people involved were able to shape events. Suggestions for further reflection help students make connections between the past and the present.


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